Poll: Many Long Islanders relying on supplements instead of flu vaccine

A new poll shows that many Long Islanders are relying on flu and cold prevention supplements alone to ward off sickness this flu season. 
The South Nassau Communities Hospital's Truth in Medicine Quarterly Public Health Poll showed that almost half of metro area New Yorkers are taking supplements such as vitamins, essential oils and probiotics. Of that group, 39 percent have not had a flu shot. 
Dr. Aaron Glatt, of South Nassau Communities Hospital, says the only proven way to help prevent the flu is with the flu vaccination. 
"People are willing to take [supplements] because of glitzy advertising, because it says it's going to work, yet there is no proof, there is no regulation behind it," says Dr. Glatt. 
Dr. Glatt says more than 50,000 deaths are expected to be caused by the flu this year.