Poll: 41% have no vacation plans for near future

The economy is causing many Long Islanders to forgo their vacation plans in favor of sticking close to home, according to a new News 12 Long Island-Hofstra University poll.
Forty-one percent of respondents told News 12 Long Island they have no plans to go on vacation in the near future, while 24 percent said they did. Seventeen percent said they intend to cut back on their vacations and 15 say they won?t be taking a vacation any time soon.
Some Long Islanders said they?re opting for cheaper travel, like trains over planes. Others are paying fares as they are.
"Travel is based on discretionary money and right now there isn't any," said travel agent Ellie Dayton. She said there are good vacation deals to be had, but mostly people are not forking over the dough.