Police: Missing 3-year-old Commack boy found in Huntington Station

A 3-year-old boy from Commack who was reported missing was found Tuesday after a countywide alert and massive police search.
Police say the boy was reported missing after his mother failed to surrender him to Child Protective Services.
Police say Selina Estwick did not turn her 3-year-old son over to Child Protective Services last week like she was supposed to. They say the little boy had been missing until late Tuesday afternoon.
Suffolk police say the 32-year-old missed her court appearance on Jan. 22 where she was supposed to surrender Damian Sollas to CPS.
Investigators say CPS waited until Monday, five days later, to go to Estwick's Commack residence to take custody, only to learn they had moved out on Jan. 16.
Police say they believe the two had been traveling with the boy’s father, Thomas Sollas, as well.
Police say the little boy was found unharmed in Huntington station. They say an officer saw Estwick walking on New York Avenue and approached her.
An investigation led officers to a home nearby were they found the child.
Police say Estwick is now in custody, but are not saying if she under arrest.
Calls to CPS have not been returned.