Police: Expect increased DWI patrols until New Year's

Nassau and Suffolk police are stepping up their DWI patrols for the last week of the year in an effort to make Long Island?s roads safer.
Police are mum about exactly where the extra patrols will be, but Nassau Police Lt. Kevin Smith says they'll be on both local roads and highways looking for drunk drivers, especially on New Year?s.
Smith says there were 72 DWI arrests in Nassau over the week of Christmas last year. He says it?s important to know the police department is serious about this crackdown.
Marge Lee, founder of Drive Educated Drive Informed Commit and Totally End Drunk Driving (DEDICATEDD) and mother of a victim of drunken driving, says she?s glad to know extra cops will be out.
?The more drunk drivers our police can get off the roads, the less families will spend the [same] kind of Christmas as myself and other victims,? Lee says.
Nassau police say they made about 3,200 DWI arrests in 2007 and they're on pace to top that number this year.