Police crack down on 90-degree parking

Police are cracking down on 90-degree parking along Balcom Avenue in the Bronx by handing out $45 summonses to residents who have been parking this way for the past 30 years.The New York City Department of Transportation acknowledged that police turned their attention to parking in the area. A DOT spokesperson says although residents have always been parking their cars at a 90-degree angle, it is forbidden by rules.One resident says he supports the crackdown because parking at 90-degrees may put children at risk of being rear-ended by SUVs as they are pulling out of a parking spot.However, Josephine Savacchio, who has been living in the area for 50 years, says authorities should have taken a less drastic approach to the enforcement of the parking rules. ?They didn?t give warning,? Savacchio says. ?That?s not a way to treat people in a community.?One neighbor says 90-degree parking helps fit more cars on the street in the growing neighborhood.