Police: Bronx grandmother is convicted felon

Officials say the Bronx grandmother charged with allegedly beating her 4-year-old grandson to death is a convicted felon with a violent past.
Angela Barksdale, who is currently incarcerated on Rikers Island, faces second-degree murder charges for the death of her grandson, Kevion Shand. Police officers found the boy unconscious in Barksdale?s apartment Saturday. According to authorities, he died of blunt forced trauma to the head.
Though neighbors claim Barksdale was a good grandmother who took Kevion and his younger sister into her care after their mother was imprisoned, police say she once stabbed her daughter in the eye and has been found guilty of assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree and trespassing.
Police removed Kevion?s 18-month-old sister from Barksdale?s apartment unharmed. Barksdale is due back in court Feb. 27.
NYPD arrest grandmother in death of 4-year-old boy