Police: Bellport man arrested after multi-fatal crash in Ridge

Police say a Bellport man was arrested and is accused of stealing a car and causing a fatal crash that killed five people Wednesday in Ridge.
They say Jamel Turner, 23, was driving a stolen Camaro when he crashed into an oil delivery truck and a Mazda.
Officials say that car then hit another vehicle and burst into flames.
The incident happened as the 23-year-old was allegedly speeding away from police on Route 25.
According to police, all four people in the Mazda died. They have not released the victim’s names.
Officials say Turner's 19-year-old passenger, Lonidell Skinner, of Bellport, was thrown from the stolen Camaro and died.
They say the oil truck driver is expected to survive.
Turner remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.