Plainview neighbors shocked by ‘disturbing’ antisemitic flyers left on doorsteps

Anti-Defamation League says the Goyim Defense League is an antisemitic hate group.

News 12 Staff

Jun 12, 2023, 9:55 PM

Updated 347 days ago


A Nassau County community says they are rattled after receiving antisemitic flyers within steps of their front doors.
Stuart Tauber, of Plainview, says he was taking a walk Saturday when his neighbor showed him flyers distributed by the Goyim Defense League were on his lawn.
The flyers blame Jewish lawmakers for anti-gun laws and for funding President Trump's campaign. Each of the lawmakers on the flyers have a Jewish star on their foreheads
“It was very disturbing, which is the intent. They want you to see it and they want you to be afraid,” Tauber says.
Anti-Defamation League says the Goyim Defense League is an antisemitic hate group.
Neighbors told News 12 the flyers were inside bags filled with rice and they say the perpetrators threw the bags onto their driveways and front lawns.
Nassau County police say they are reviewing Ring doorbell cameras to see if they can find the individuals responsible for distributing the flyers.
Tauber, who works for the United Jewish Appeal, says he's noticed that this type of hate has been increasing.
“This is something going on for years and it's been accelerating, it's been getting worse,” he says.
In the last year alone, there have been at least 30 reported antisemitic hate crimes in Nassau County, and only three arrests have been made.
According to the ADL, New York state leads the nation in antisemitic incidents and assaults.
Rabbi Deborah Bravo, of Makom NY in Bethpage, which also serves residents of the Plainview community, says she encourages people to report these types of incidents to police.
“I'm in my 25th year of being a rabbi and I certainly didn't think we would go in this direction. I would have hoped we would be going in the opposite direction and seeing less antisemitic acts,” she says.

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