Petition pushes for farmer’s market opening in Northport

Some merchants in Northport are pushing for the village to allow the annual farmer's market to take place this year.

A petition on says that town was considering disallowing the open-air market "due to concern that it'll take business away from local merchants."

Monica Zenyuh, who started the petition, says the market place is the "safest way" to get food to the public, since it is handled by less people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Village officials are concerned that safe social distancing may go out the window if too many people show up.

Village Mayor Damon McMullen says officials are working to come up with an action plan to make the farmer's market happen.

Similar situations are happening on Main Streets across Long Island. Officials are trying to figure out how to keep everyone safe and still allow outdoor events.

Village Trustee Mercy Smith and several residents suggested forming a committee to explore how to safely open the farmer's market.

The petition has been signed by almost 900 people. Zenyuh offered an update Tuesday afternoon after a virtual village board meeting.

It says in part: