Parents warned of teens snorting powdered chocolate

Parents are being warned about a dangerous powdered chocolate that's being snorted by teenagers.
The powder is called Coco Loko. The owner of the company that sells the product says it is a mix of raw cacao and energy stimulants. His website says it gives users a "a steady rush of euphoric energy" and "a sense of calm focus."
Some Long Islanders were shocked to hear the product is legally sold online.
"If you need energy, have some energy bars," said Marisa Ciriello, of Hicksville. "You don't need to snort chocolate."
Company owner Nick Anderson defended the product, saying it should be used in moderation like anything else.
"Follow the instructions and be responsible," Anderson said. "I think it should be sold to 18 and up, it shouldn't be sold to minors."
News 12 spoke with medical professionals on Long Island who said that although they don't know enough about the product, they don't advise anyone to use it.
While some call the new trend disgusting, one Long Islander said they tried Coco Loko in Europe and would do it again.
The company warns on its website that the product "may impair your ability to drive" and "may cause health problems." It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.