Officials say they are open to reassessing decision on Nassau's fall high school sports

Following the decision Wednesday by superintendents in Nassau to push high school sports to 2021, there is some hope for play in 2020.
A board of superintendents issued a statement on behalf of Section VIII, saying the county would postpone sports until 2021 in an abundance of caution due to the pandemic. It came after Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the green-light for low-risk sports to play in September.
But now, a statement from the board says they are open to guidance from the state, and are "committed" to reassessing prior to the fall sports start date of Sept. 21.
The release also says they recognize the reopening of schools in the coming weeks will provide them with data and information that could help guide them.
The vote to delay sports was made unanimously Wednesday by 11 Nassau superintendents. Their current intention is to play all three sports seasons between January and June.
Cuomo announced Monday that low-risk sports such as field hockey, soccer, tennis, swimming, golf and cross-country can resume practice Sept. 21 and then play games.