Officials: Respiratory virus cases increased following Thanksgiving

Officials say respiratory virus cases increased following Thanksgiving, with a rise in hospitalizations across the tri-state.
Health officials say last week more than 2,000 people in the area were admitted to hospitals with COVID-19.
"COVID is still the primary cause of new respiratory hospitalizations and deaths," says Dr. Mandy Cohen, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Doctors say people should keep home test kits on hand. They also say people should check the date of expired kits to see if they have been extended before throwing them out.
For example, tests that expired on Oct. 14 are now considered good for another 8 months until May 14, according to the Food and Drug Administration's website.
Data from the CDC show that RSV and lung infections are on the rise. Both are reasons why children are being brought to emergency rooms and hospitalized.
Doctors say RSV may be peaking and they predict flu and Covid cases will go up within in the next two weeks as holidays gatherings and the winter bring people inside.