Officials: Person dies after being found submerged in water at Jones Beach

A person has died after being pulled from the water at Jones Beach Tuesday afternoon.
What started out as a beautiful day at the beach turned tragic as beachgoers realized someone was missing in the water. Those who were there say it was devastating to watch lifeguards search the water with the person's family nearby.
"It was straight out of a movie. All of the lifeguards, like 30 at a time, started doing sweeps. So they started going in a line deep, and we were just like how are you supposed to find this person," says Michelle Mahecha. "And then it was maybe five or seven minutes and they pulled somebody out of the water."
At about 3 p.m., lifeguards and police administered CPR to the 34-year-old man found in the ocean off of Field 2's beach.
The victim was transported to Nassau University Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead just before 4 p.m.
Later on in the evening, another swimmer was airlifted off the beach, but that person's status is not known.
Park police detectives say they are investigating the incident.