Ocean Beach cops cleared in brutality case

Two Ocean Beach officers accused of police brutality for a 2005 incident were cleared of all charges Monday.
Former Acting Police Chief George Hesse and Officer Arnold Hardman were accused of assaulting tourist Samuel Gilberd four years ago at the police station. Gilberd?s attorneys claimed Hesse savagely beat him, while Hardman helped cover it up. The defense, meanwhile, argued Gilberd?s injuries were the result of a drunken fall outside the station and that he was never attacked.
Hesse and Hardman were cleared on the most serious charges Friday, but the jury was deadlocked over the weekend on a charge of third-degree assault for Hesse and official misconduct charges for both officers. The jury reconvened Monday and cleared both men by the afternoon.
The defendants tell News 12 Long Island they want to move on and Hesse says he will work on repairing the Ocean Beach Police Department?s image.
Gilberd was not in court Friday or Monday to hear the verdicts. News 12 Long Island has not been able to reach him for comment.