Obama speech fresh on minds of LIers

Just a day after President Barack Obama delivered a major economic address, many Long Island residents say they?re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his fiscal policy.
Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening about the stimulus package, and by Wednesday Long Island restaurants, shops and other gathering places were abuzz with economic talk.
?I think he's saying the right words,? Carmella Armenia, of Pat?s Barbershop in Levittown, says.
But Long Island residents want to know if the recovery package will work. Retired construction worker Fred Lineteborg is hopeful. He says if everyone ?plays the game with [Obama] and goes along with it,? the country will be fine.
Others say they need more details than Obama laid out in the speech.
?Not really clear about the details of the plan, but what I was left with was a man who will get the job done,? Janet Benami, who works at Dortoni Bakery in Levittown, says.
Hofstra University student and Army veteran Jose Euvin feel differently. He says he?s not confident the president will be able to do much of anything to fix the economy.
Obama is due to release details of his first budget Thursday.