NY's indoor malls will need air filtration systems installed in order to reopen

Though a clear date for the reopening of New York's indoor malls is unknown, they will have to install new air filters before they can welcome in customers.
Since the beginning of New York on PAUSE, indoor malls have been shuttered, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo says some malls will be able to reopen if they install air filtration systems.
Cuomo made the announcement Monday about HEPA filters, or other equipment that can remove coronavirus particles from the air. Studies have shown that airborne air conditioning and other air-handling equipment can contribute to the spread of the virus, but filters and other devices can reduce that spread.
Medical experts say filters are not a single solution to keeping people safe indoors, but it can help.
"The filters are never a bad idea, it will make the air fresher and cleaner," says Dr. Jacqueline Moline, of Northwell Health. "And if the added bonus is that it also decreases the risk of transmission of COVID-19, then it's a win all around."
Cuomo is also recommending that air filters or other equipment would be good for other businesses as well, including those that are already open.
Harry Rossis, owner of Aegean Pizza, was able to reopen nine days ago for curbside pickup only. Because he's located inside the Sun Vet Mall in Holbrook, he can't have diners inside or outside the restaurant.
"I lose all of my foot traffic, my table service. We need to get open to full capacity so that we can service the community and stay in business," he says.
The exact date for the reopening of indoor malls in New York hasn't been announced just yet.