NYPD: Officers fatally shoot armed person in Brooklyn, incident not related to protests

A man accused of shooting another man was shot and killed by police in Brooklyn. Tuesday night.
According to police, upon arriving at the scene they found someone shot on the corner of Rochester Avenue and Bergen Street in Crown Heights.
Chief of Department Terrence Monahan said in a news conference that witnesses eventually led officers to the suspect up the block. 
Monahan says once officers found the male suspect they pleaded with him to drop his gun for approximately one minute.  He says these warnings were captured on bodycam video.  
According to the NYPD, officers fatally shot the suspect when he did not comply. 
Two officers were transported to a hospital for tinnitus, according to police. 
Police say the individual who was initially shot and sparked the investigation is alive and being treated. 
Approximately 10 officers fired weapons Tuesday night, according to police. 
Police say the incident is not related to the wave of protests seen across the city.
Monahan says a handgun was recovered at the scene.