NY state issues guidelines for sports and recreation

New York issued guidance last week regarding sports and recreation as the state continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The guidance splits the sports into separate categories depending on their risk of spreading the virus (low, moderate, high risk).
The guidance is effective immediately for the low-risk outdoor activities which include:
  • Individual running
  • Batting cages
  • Hunting/Shooting/Archery
  • Golf/Mini-golf
  • Non-motorized boating
  • Singles tennis
  • Rock climbing
  • Individual swimming
  • Individual crew
  • Cross country running
  • Toss/bowl games (e.g. horseshoes, bocce, bean bag toss)
  • Flying disc games (e.g. disc golf, frisbee)
  • Ropes courses
Ari Wind, of Plainview Little League, on precautions put in place
Guidance for moderate and higher risk activities go into effect on July 6 in regions that have reached or surpassed Phase 3 reopenings.
 Moderate-risk activities:
  • Baseball/ Softball
  • Doubles tennis
  • Racket games (e.g. badminton, racquetball)
  • Water polo
  • Gymnastics
  • Field hockey
  • Swimming relays
  • Crew (2+ rowers)
  • Rafting
  • Paintball
  • Soccer
  • Non-contact lacrosse
Ari Wind on letting kids play again
  • Individual or distanced group training or activities
  • Organized no/low-contact group training
  • Competitive team practices
  • Games, meets, matches and scrimmages.
There are no multigame-day tournaments allowed under the guidance.
Higher-risk sports will only allow individual or distance group training or activities and organized no/low contact group training.
High-risk activities:
  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Ice hockey
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Contact lacrosse
  • Volleyball
  • Competitive cheer/dance
According to the guidelines, the rules apply to non-professional and non-collegiate sports and activities conducted at gyms and fitness centers.