Number of coronavirus cases in Nassau rises to 19, including 2 school bus drivers

Two coronavirus patients in Nassau County are school bus drivers, County Executive Laura Curran announced Tuesday.
Curran said the number of cases in the county has risen to 19. She also said 72 residents are in mandatory quarantine and 74 people are in preventative quarantine. One person in Suffolk County has tested positive for the virus.
The county Health Department says 10 tests are currently pending.
Curran says the bus drivers had contact with about 80 students from multiple school districts across the county, which is why some districts were closed Tuesday as a precaution.
The county executive says most of the students and their families have been notified.
Nassau County's Consumer Affairs Department says it has received multiple tips from residents about alleged price gouging and has issued violations to several stores.
Officials say a pharmacy in Island Park and a convenience store in Hicksville were issued $5,000 violations for allegedly selling individual face masks at inflated prices. A pharmacy in Glen Head was given a warning.
As of Tuesday, New York state has at least 173 cases of coronavirus, with most linked to a cluster in suburban Westchester County -- 108 cases. During a news conference, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the deployment of the National Guard to the New Rochelle containment area.
Cuomo says the guard will help distribute food to quarantined families and sanitize the area of coronavirus. Schools will close for two weeks starting Friday in the New Rochelle area as well. In addition, houses of worship and large gathering areas will be closed for two weeks.
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