News 12 Poll results: Nearly half of responders think it's time to reopen

Nearly half of the people who responded to a News 12 Poll said they believe it's time for the economy to reopen as coronavirus hospitalizations and infections continue to decline in the tri-state area.
A total of 49% of the 9,607 votes in the poll posted to this week agreed that it's time to "get back to work and settle into a new normal."
Another 32%, however, said the economy should reopen in the future. They signaled they believe that the the shutdown should be prolonged "until there are more safe solutions."
Another 19% of responders to the online poll decided that the economy should reopen, "soon, but not without a seal of approval from our elected officials."
The poll, which is not scientific, was posted on as several states around the country begin easing restrictions on public spaces and businesses. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut remain under stay-at-home orders but are looking to begin easing some restrictions soon.
Unemployment numbers have soared as the U.S. battles the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. monthly jobs report for April that was released Friday put the jobless rate at 14.7%, the highest since the Great Depression. A total of 20.5 million jobs were lost in April.
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