Nassau rethinks conditional driver's licenses

Nassau County officials are looking into more stringent laws to prevent suspended drivers from getting behind the wheel, after a police officer was killed by an alleged drunken driver with a conditional license over the weekend.
Jose Borbon, 23, was allegedly was intoxicated when he struck and killed a Suffolk police officer in Commack Sunday. Borbon, from Plainview, had his license suspended after a DWI arrest in Nassau just last month. He then applied for a conditional license from the DMV, which allowed him to drive only to certain places like work, school or a doctor?s office.
?We have to remember that a driver's license in the state of New York is a privilege, it is not a right,? Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice says. ?And so my position is that there needs to be more oversight.?
According to Rice, the DMV almost always automatically grants conditional licenses. She and state Sen. Charles Fuschillo (R-Merrick) say they want to change the law so that the DMV doesn?t have the sole power to issue conditional licenses. Fuschillo says he'll introduce a bill in Albany to that effect.