Nassau to restrict Nickerson Beach access to county residents only

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced today that she is signing legislation to temporarily restrict Nickerson Beach to Nassau residents.
The county is also enacting guidelines to ensure county residents can enjoy the beach starting tomorrow. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said city beaches will remain closed this weekend.
The beach will be limited to a 50% capacity and cars will be parked in every other space. Beachgoers will be asked to keep six feet apart while walking around and 10 feet apart when they set up their beach towels. Officials are urging residents to bring their face coverings and to wear them if they are coming in or going out and walking around using the facilities.
Restrooms at the beach will undergo regular cleanings and will be monitored by the parks department – with personnel ensuring there will be no more than six people inside at a time.
Contact activities like volleyball are prohibited, and concession stands will be closed. However, food trucks with one employee will be allowed to operate.
Lastly, lifeguards will be supplied CPR masks, manual pumps and have been given additional training to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Officials say social distancing will be enforced by employees, the parks department and police will be on patrol.
Officials in Long Beach also voted to reopen their boardwalk beginning Thursday morning. Bike use will be limited, and access will only be allowed from sunrise until 10 a.m. daily. Beach access is restricted to residents only.
Concerns are emerging about new hot spots popping up this weekend as crowds prepare to hit Long Island beaches for Memorial Day weekend.
Nassau County officials reported that there were 70 new positive COVID-19 cases reported as of Wednesday – a trickle, compared to the 1,000 new cases a day at the height of the pandemic.
In addition, officials say 4.3% of residents tested positive and a total of seven new deaths were reported – numbers that continue to go down. Meanwhile, a total of 11 people were newly admitted to hospitals as of Wednesday.