Nassau high school sports postponed until 2021

School officials in Nassau voted to postpone high school sports until 2021 at an emergency meeting Wednesday.
The vote to delay sports was made unanimously by 11 Nassau superintendents. The intention is to play all three sports seasons between January and June, when hopefully the risk of COVID-19 transmission is lower.
The superintendent of Jericho schools tells News 12 a big concern that was addressed in the meeting is inconsistencies with guidelines. When kids head back to school and go to physical education class, they'll have to stay 12 feet apart and wear masks, leaving officials at a loss for how sports could be played that way.
"We accept the fact that the possibilities as to the fall might not be safe, so why don't we look at running three sports seasons from January to June," says Henry Grishman, superintendent of Jericho School District.
The hope is that come January, restrictions will be eased as more testing and tracing is available and even a vaccine. Athletes expressed tremendous disappointment with not being able to play but were hopeful they'd get their chance next year.
One athlete also says they thought the county could have waited a little longer before making their decision.
Meanwhile in Suffolk County, fall sports are still on because officials say they want a little more time before making a final decision.