Nassau police commissioner urges witnesses to send video of Oceanside stabbing to police

Nassau police held a meeting Tuesday night about the attack that left an Oceanside High School student dead last week.
Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder fielded dozens of questions from concerned members of the Oceanside community eight days after 16-year-old Khaseen Morris was stabbed and killed in front of a group of people.
Much of the fight was captured on cellphone video and quickly plastered on social media.
Tyler Flach, 16, was charged with second-degree murder last week and indicted by a grand jury Tuesday morning.
Ryder says he wants to set the record straight on three things in particular -- the number of people who were there, what they did to help and what some could have done better.
"A lot of kids stayed and helped us. A lot of kids gave us information, thank you. Some kids left. They may not have seen anything and that's fine. Again, we're not asking you to jump into a knife fight, but if you took a video, instead of posting it on social media, send it to where it should be -- in the hands of the police," Ryder said.
Ryder said there were between 40 and 50 people in total in the parking lot at the time, including students, shop workers and other bystanders.
He says 11 911 calls were made right away, and a dozen more calls have been made to Crime Stoppers.
Steven Ballin says he was sitting in his car when it happened.
"The students were helping him. He was going into a state of unconsciousness. They were slapping his face and saying 'Wake up, the police are coming,'" said Ballin.
The commissioner says more arrests will be coming soon.
The DA's office has not said when the indictment against Flach will be unsealed.