Nassau PBA calls 'aging' police fleet a safety concern

The Nassau County Police Benevolent Association says the police department needs new cruisers because many of the aging cars aren?t fit to be on the streets.
The PBA is asking County Executive Tom Suozzi to fast-track money for new police cars, but that funding is being held up in budget negotiations. Suozzi?s budget includes money for 90 new cars each year for the next three years.
Officials say out of the 327-car fleet, as many as one-third have more than 100,000 miles on them.
"With the aging fleet you'll have more and more cars out of service,? says Kevin Tobin, of the Nassau County PBA, ?Therefore cars are being doubled up and won't be able to get to certain calls."
Nassau Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey says it?s not a public safety concern, but could develop into one. News 12 Long Island?s calls to Suozzi concerning the funding were not returned.