Nassau mosquito spraying nixed due to windy weather

Nassau health officials say they plan to reschedule spraying for West Nile virus next week after canceling Thursday night?s planned aerial attack.
The county was supposed to spray the pesticide Scourge on about one-third of Nassau, but officials determined it was too windy.
Nassau Commissioner of Public Works Ray Ribiero says according to the chemical?s manufacturer, the ideal wind speeds for spraying are between 1 and 5 mph, and not in winds over 10 mph.
Health officials say 10 people in Nassau have contracted West Nile this year, killing at least one. The outbreak is what prompted such aggressive action, Ribiero says.
Some environmentalists say they wouldn?t have a problem if the plan was nixed all together. Patty Wood, of Grassroots Environmental Education, says the chemicals could impact people?s health.
Experts say the best way to eliminate the risk of West Nile virus is to get rid of standing water.