Curran asks for $3.9B in federal money to keep LIRR from going off the rails

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced that the number of discharges from hospitals due to COVID-19 has outpaced new patients.  
As of Friday, 2,339 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 – a decrease of 80. The totals show the two-day average of total hospitalizations has decreased by 5%. The use of ventilators also has declined – with 489 patients.
However, Curran expressed frustration saying the MTA needs $3.9 billion in federal emergency money to avoid fare hikes, layoffs and service cuts. If not, Curran stated the LIRR will go off the rails.
LIRR President Philip Eng says, "It will take significant funding to ensure transportation in the region. The truth is the asking for the funding is not an option, it is a necessity.”
Due to the public health crisis, the LIRR reports that ridership has fell over 97 percent in recent weeks.
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