‘Use common sense;’ Nassau to crack down on intoxicated boating ahead of holiday weekend

Nassau officials announced the crack down on boating while intoxicating ahead of the holiday weekend.
Officials say the Fourth of July weekend is a very busy time out on the water and holds the distinction of being the deadliest weekend on the waterways.
“We are asking everyone to use common sense. Being aware and being alert is incredibly important,” says Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.
According to the Coast Guard, alcohol is the leading contributing factor of fatal accidents on the water and accounts for 20% of all fatalities on the water.

Police say they are stepping up patrols on the water this week and will make sure people are following speed limits and checked to make sure everyone has proper safety equipment.
“80% of fatal accidents involve a drowning victim. Having a lifejacket is a lifesaver,” says Curran.
Meanwhile, county officials say .5% of all those tested for COVID-19 over the past 24 hours has tested positive. COVID-19 hospitalizations is up two patients to bring the total to 55 patients. No new deaths were reported.