'Names, Not Numbers.' Holocaust survivors tell stories to Great Neck HS students for documentary

Holocaust survivors shared their stories Tuesday with Great Neck high school students as part of an oral history film documentary.
Rachel Epstein, of Rosyln, told students she will never forget the day her life changed forever.
She recounted the day the Germans took her and her family - July 19, 1942, at around 6 a.m.
"We hear a knock on the door, I'm 10 and my brother's 5, and we wake up and we're screaming," Epstein said.
Epstein is one of three Holocaust survivors who shared their story to be included in a documentary called "Names, Not Numbers."
Students who listened to the firsthand accounts of the horrors of the Holocaust.
Holocaust survivor Asher Matathias, of Woodmere, hopes sharing his story with the students will mean history is never forgotten and never repeated.
"The lasting lesson must be, must always be that to be, not only tolerant, but to be accepting, to be embracing of change, of diversity," Matathias says.