'My best man': Officer saves day when crash strands bride and groom

A Suffolk police officer wound up saving the day after a bride and groom were stranded by a crash on the way to their wedding.

News 12 Staff

Dec 23, 2018, 6:53 PM

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'My best man': Officer saves day when crash strands bride and groom
 Suffolk police officer saved the day after he showed up at the scene of a car accident and rushed the couple involved to their own wedding ceremony.
Suffolk police say 36-year-old Joseph DeMichele and his fiancee, Feliece Terwilliger, were driving to their wedding Saturday with their two kids in tow. They were on Montauk Highway in Shirley when police say another vehicle made a U-turn in front of their Jeep and the cars collided.
No one was hurt, but their 1998 Jeep became disabled from the crash.
Suffolk Police Officer Cody Matthews, with the 7th Precinct, responded to the scene.
Matthews drove the couple to their wedding at Lake Grove Village Hall in his police vehicle.
With the lights and sirens on, Terwilliger was in the back seat taking video.
“I rushed them over to the wedding as fast as I could,” says Matthews. “Luckily, the mayor waited for us and it turned out perfectly.”

Officer Cody Matthews came through for the couple again at the ceremony.

“It turns out they needed a witness to sign the marriage certificate, so I was still there so I signed the marriage certificate for them and drove them home,” he says.

The couple says they were keeping their marriage a surprise and they were going to tell their family on Christmas Eve. The secret is now out because their story has gone viral.

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