Mt. Sinai family: Soccer Woddlers program is scamming parents

<p>A Mount Sinai family says they have not received their money back after paying for a youth soccer program that kept canceling games at the last minute.</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 30, 2018, 6:48 PM

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A Mount Sinai family says they have not received their money back after paying for a youth soccer camp that kept canceling practices at the last minute.
Ryan and Melissa Capone signed up their 3-year-old son Ryder for the Soccer Woddlers – a six-week program with a cost of $90.
The family says Ryder never wound up playing in the program because the director called at the last minute for three weeks in a row to cancel. When the family tried to get their money back, they said it was “excuse after excuse.”
“We tried reaching out – email, phone calls. We were promised our money back and we just never received it,” said Ryan Capone.
The family showed News 12 text messages from company owner Chris Seuffert where he said sessions were canceled due to a lost phone, a death in the family and preparation for his wedding.
Melissa Capone said that it was disappointing for the kids and said the league is “essentially scamming” other parents.
News 12 caught up with Seuffert at his Rocky Point home Thursday where he gave another reason why the Capone family has not received a refund.
“We ran on tough times. My bank account was hacked. I lost all my money,” he told News 12.
News 12 searched Facebook to see if other parents were complaining about the clinic. Sure enough, more complaints were found.
Soon after News 12’s visit, Seuffert posted an apology video on Facebook.
"I had a visit from News 12 Long Island,” he said. “We actually had thought this refund had been processed, and it was not. So it was a mistake on our hand.”
Seuffert told News 12 that the Capones’ check would be in the mail today.
The Capones said they're not holding their breath. They have not pressed charges, but have considered going to the police about the situation.

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