Mom, daughter to graduate from Stony Brook Univ. together

A Mastic mother and daughter will be graduating from Stony Brook University together next week.
Helena and Anastasia Roura are both graduating with bachelor's degrees.  The duo has spent the last two years commuting to school together, studying together and even taking classes together.
Helena Roura, 44, says she started college courses right after high school but things changed when she and her new husband were stationed overseas with the Navy.
"At the time my husband and I were planning our family. So I said, 'ya know, someday I'll go back.' I'm just gonna make a promise and raise the kids and sometime, someday it will be my turn,” she says.
The duo says they supported each other through every tough course, class speech and project.  Helena says it made her dream of going back to school even better. 
Graduation ceremonies are Friday, May 18 at 11 a.m.
“It’s a big dream come true for me,” says Helena Roura.