Millions of Americans left in limbo as $600 jobless benefit expires

The federal program that provides unemployed Americans an extra $600 a week expires today.
As of now, leaders in Washington aren't on the same page on a new plan to help struggling families.
This comes as millions of Americans nationwide are worried about staying afloat financially.
"Every month, even working multiple jobs, I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul," says Pamela Frink, a Georgia resident.
First-time unemployment claims in the United States are up for the second week in a row and the Aspen Institute says many people are at risk of dining themselves without a place to live.
The coronavirus pandemic, which has infected nearly 4.5 million Americans has also crippled the economy.
"The whole prospect of having a business in this climate seems impossible," says gym owner Alex Hartunian.

While some are living hand-to-mouth, Republicans and Democrats are not seeing eye-to-eye on a jobless benefit plan.
Both sides say funding is needed, they just can’t agree on how to move forward.
"If our Democratic colleagues had acted with the urgency that struggling people deserve, we could right now be finishing up a major bi-partisan package," says Sen. Mitch McConnell.

"We got here because our Republican colleagues couldn't get their act together, they still don't have their act together and now they're worried but instead of being serious and negotiating they have created a stunt," says Sen. Chuck Schumer.
The GOP's $1 trillion package was unveiled Monday, and it contrasts greatly with the proposal House Democrats passed in May.