Memorial ceremony marks 10 years since Nassau officer Michael Califano's death

Friday marked 10 years since the death of Nassau police officer Michael Califano, with police and elected officials holding a remembrance ceremony in his honor.
The Nassau County Police Department remembered its own highway patrol officer with a graveside memorial in Westbury.
Califano was killed on the Long Island Expressway while writing a summons. His patrol car was rear-ended by a tow truck driver who was asleep at the wheel.
Califano's death led to the construction of pull-over areas for police and contributed to New York's "move over" law to protect first responders on the highway.
"Unfortunately Mike lost his life, but what he did for every other single officer makes him a hero all over again," says NCPD Commissioner Patrick Ryder.
Califano's wife says she always thinks about him and is grateful for the police department's support.
"I feel like today is just as overwhelming as the week of the funeral. To see this many people, 10 years later, it's overwhelming because you know that they don't forget," says Jackie Califano. "To see the amount of people here today, it's very heartwarming."
Califano's family says they come to the graveside often on holidays and special occasions, and say that Michael would appreciate all the support.
"I try to look at it the way my dad would want to look at it ... I may have lost a dad, but I gained so many uncles in blue," says Califano's oldest son, Michael.