Marine biologist: Humans are ‘not on the menu’ for sharks in Long Island’s waters

Lifeguards are on the lookout for sharks on the South Shore after a sighting on Monday and another Tuesday that turned out to be either a dolphin or a stingray.
According to marine biologist Joe Yauilla, a curator at the Long Island Aquarium, "the waters are warming up and the bait fish are coming, and sharks are going to follow the food."
"We really are not on the menu,” says Yauilla. “But they may come up and feel us with their mouths to see if this is something they want to eat."
The best advice he offered was to stay out of the water at dusk and dawn. He also says to avoid swimming when there are lots of birds and bait in the water.
Just off Montauk is a nursery for great white sharks and many different species are born along Long Island’s coast. There are at least 26 species that visit Long Island’s waters, experts say.