Many in Riverhead want sex offenders better secured

Suffolk County?s sex offender housing program is drawing renewed criticism over concerns the individuals don?t have enough supervision.
The county houses about 20 sex offenders in a nondescript trailer in the parking lot of the Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead. The trailer sits inside a perimeter fence. Neighbors say they are concerned about the residents wandering around downtown Riverhead and near the library.
The Suffolk County Department of Social Services, which runs the trailer program, says the residents should not be wandering around downtown Riverhead because they have required curfews.
The offenders sign an independent living agreement consenting to certain rules, Roland Hampson of Suffolk social services says. DSS says it hires a security guard to monitor the residents at night and that they are taken to rehab programs, showers and meals by cab every day.
Suffolk Legislator Ed Romaine (R-Center Moriches) says it?s not enough. He is asking for a corrections officer to patrol the trailer and for the trailer?s location to be circulated.
DSS says moving the trailer is no longer an option, though it once was, because it believes the jail location is the most secure in the county.
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