Man gets at least 27 years for raping, framing ex-girlfriend

A man convicted of raping his ex-girlfriend and then framing her for fake armed robberies in Nassau County was sentenced today to at least 27 and a third years in prison.
Back in May 2010, when Seemona Sumasar was arrested in connection with the robberies, she told News 12 Long Island that she was being set up by her ex-boyfriend Jerry Ramrattan so she couldn't testify against him in the rape case. Sumasar had spent nearly seven months behind bars before being released.
"I blame Nassau County entirely for everything that happened to me," Sumasar said in court today. "Jerry may have been behind it, but the responsibility lies with them."
Sumasar is now suing both New York City and the Nassau County Police Department.
In a surprising statement today, Queens Judge Richard Buchter also criticized Nassau police for their handling of the case.
Ramrattan's attorney, Frank Kelly, told the judge that his client isn't the monster he's been made out to be. For his part, Ramrattan has maintained his innocence and he's planning to appeal the verdict.
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