Make ahead, easy to assemble country fried chicken sandwich

This make-ahead sandwich is easy to make and assemble!
Ingredients for chicken breading:
1 qt panko bread crumb
1 qt flour
4 oz ranch seasoning
1 oz Cajun seasoning
1 oz paprika
Recipe instructions:
Mix all ingredients, dredge buttermilk chicken in the mix, fry until golden brown at 350 degrees.
Ingredients for hot sauce pickle ranch:
16 oz mayonnaise
½ qt chopped pickles
4 oz sour cream
4 oz buttermilk
4 oz franks hot sauce
8 oz ranch seasoning
Recipe instructions:
Combine all ingredients & blend
Sandwich assembly:
Heat up the roll, bacon & cheese
Add lettuce, tomato & pickle ranch dressing
Add crispy buttermilk chicken
Cut in half & serve
This segment was filmed before the COVID-19 outbreak.