Lynbrook teacher to finish 206-mile run – 1 mile for each graduating senior

A Lynbrook teacher is honoring all 206 graduating seniors by running 206 miles – a feat he’s expected to finish Thursday at the high school. 
Dr. Benedict Tieniber, a business teacher, says he’s close with the class and wanted to do something special for them in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak that kept them apart.
“They keep taking hit after hit and they just keep smiling, doing the best they can,” said Dr. Tieniber.
So far, he has ran 200 miles, and will be surrounded by seniors when he finishes up the last 6 miles tomorrow.
Jake Belmont, a senior, knows his class missed a lot this school year. He says Dr. T honoring their class is special.
“That’s the kind of guy he’s been all year,” he said. “Someone who's really taught us a lot in the classroom but has always been someone who's helped us outside the classroom.”
Dr. T started on May 5 and admits it hasn't been easy.
“I'm a runner, but I've never done 200 miles in one month before,” he said. “What every one of these seniors are going through is a lot harder than anything I’ve had to deal with as far as running.”
When he finishes the last mile, he will be wearing a shirt with every senior’s name on it.