Looting, violence continue past 11 p.m. NYC curfew; new curfew to start 8 p.m. Tuesday

It was another night of protests across New York City in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Many started peacefully, but later in the evening they got more dangerous.

Barclays Center has been a consistent gathering spot for demonstrators, and Monday was no different.

Protesters came together to call for change and action, with many demonstrations remaining peaceful. However, as the sun went down the violence went up.

One video on social media shows a car mowing down a police officer in the middle of the street, with the officer being launched into the air and bouncing off a second car. The incident happened along Walton Avenue in the Bronx. The car got away, and police are searching for the driver.

The NYPD reported multiple officers were injured throughout the night Monday. So far, they've arrested more than 200 people.

This was the second night that the violence and looting picked up after dark, something that officials saw happen on Sunday night.

The late night looting lead to the city setting an 11 p.m. curfew Monday, but countless videos on social media show people ignoring that curfew and continuing to loot and riot.

Tuesday night's curfew will be in effect starting at 8 p.m., as city officials try to stop people from vandalizing and robbing businesses.