Long Islanders stock up on supplies ahead of looming storm

At Long Island Hardware in Bohemia, they have plenty of ice scrapers, shovels, ice melt and snowblowers.

News 12 Staff

Dec 15, 2020, 10:39 PM

Updated 1,276 days ago


Shovels, salt, milk and bread are topping the shopping lists for people across the tri-state area with a storm that could bring a foot of snow.
Though Long Island residents said they were ready and that it wasn't their first rodeo with significant snow, many took to area supermarkets and hardware stores to make sure they were prepared.
At Long Island Hardware in Bohemia, so many people were stocking up on supplies that the manager says they have to constantly restock.
"As a retailer we are thankful that we are able to move some of the older inventory that we've had," says Scott Flath. "Our snowblowers are remnants of leftovers from two years ago."
Flath says his store will be open before, during and after the storm if you still need to pick up a shovel or ice melt. Others, like Lori Kotarski from Blue Point, say they have all of the equipment they need already.
"We'll see how we do this year. We've had that all saved up waiting for other snowstorms to come and they didn't come," says Kotarski.
Meanwhile, some people were at the grocery store so they won't have to venture out for food in the snow.
"I remember growing up in the city and we had snow mountains all over the place, I look forward to it," says Lacy Caruso, of Patchogue, who grabbed extra water, bread, eggs and frozen pizza.
As for driving in the snow, Dan Treccagnoli from Ronkonkoma says he's picking up ice scrapers in case he has to clean his car off for work.
"If it does snow, then yeah I'll try to stay home. I prefer to stay home," he says.

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