Long Island professional baseball players set to rejoin teams for MLB season

The official MLB plan is good news for some Long Island pros who have been working and waiting to get back on the field.
For months, New Hyde Park's Alex Katz has done weekly workouts on high school fields with some other Long Island pros, including Nick Margevicious.
“We are staying ready, like we had a season going on. That's kind of the main thing and just working out as much as we can, like we had a season going on,” says Margevicious.
Margevicious is a pitcher for the Seattle Mariners, who will likely join the team next week. Katz, is minor league pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, hoping to make the Royals backup squad. They were college opponents who connected through a mutual friend and are trying to keep up with daily baseball headlines.
Katz and Margevicious say their coaches are doing a good job keeping their spirits up with Zoom meetings and phone calls while the season's been on hold. Their teams also offered advice for their workouts.
“The main goal is to stay ready and stay sharp. Keep improving, but don't tire yourself out,” says Katz.
The MLB announced the game is set to return soon, with a 60 game season that will likely sprint into a World Series. Katz and Margevicious say they'll head out as soon as they get that chance.