Long Island prepares for expected reopening Wednesday

After months of the region being on pause, Long Island is finally expected to see the first stage of reopening Wednesday.
Nassau and Suffolk must meet the remaining two of seven metrics set by the state to begin reopening, which include a 14-day decline in hospital deaths and enough contact tracers.
Phase One will get underway once those metrics are met. Businesses like construction, manufacturing, agriculture and retail curbside pickup will be open.
Once Phase One begins, there is a two-week waiting period to see if Long Island can begin Phase Two - which can start if the metrics are maintained.
State beaches are open this weekend. Jones Beach and Robert Moses are open Memorial Day weekend with some restrictions.
Signs have been placed throughout the beach to remind people that they should only be gathering with their immediate family and need to socially distance from others even when swimming. Blankets and chairs must be kept 10 feet away from others and masks must be worn when social distancing becomes impossible,
The beaches will close at 9 p.m. and swimming is only allowed until 5 p.m. No group activities, like volleyball, are allowed, and typical gathering places, like picnic tables and concessions, are closed.
Nevertheless, residents are thrilled to get their first taste of summer.
"I'm looking forward for the first time this year to get into the ocean," says Alison Wolin of Oceanside. "I'm so excited."
Hand sanitizer stations have also been installed at various points throughout the beach.
Parking is also limited at the beaches.
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