Hundreds head outdoors to Jones Beach as weather heats up

The weather is starting to get warmer, and there is some worry that people won't adhere to social distancing guidelines.
Hundreds flocked to Jones Beach after spending weeks indoors. Large metal gates ran down the middle of the boardwalk and signs helped remind people to keep their distance and wear masks.
Some chose not to wear face coverings, but that didn't bother other beachgoers.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered that New Yorkers must have a mask if they're going to be within 6 feet of other people.
Protesters in Commack Friday, many who were seen not wearing masks, rallied against the COVID-19 shutdown.
Suffolk police were seen at the demonstration. It's unclear if police will be out on patrol Saturday to make sure crowds don't gather.
The Nassau Police Department has deployed specialized units, including horse-mounted patrols, at the county's parks and recreation areas.
The Suffolk Police Department is using its newly graduated class of recruits on a coronavirus compliance detail.
Although the boardwalk and beach were busy, the ocean is closed to swimmers and will remain that way until at least May 31.
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