Long Beach School District proposes elementary school changes

Long Beach School District proposes elementary school changes

A Long Beach School District board meeting held an open forum Tuesday night at Long Beach Middle School to discuss proposals that may result in the closing of an elementary school.

Long Beach school officials met with parents to discuss proposals that would move East Elementary School students to other schools in the district. Many parents say their children have already been burdened by displacement after Superstorm Sandy and that the closure of East Elementary would be upsetting. 

Budget constraints and low student enrollment have prompted Long Beach school administrators to consider making changes at East Elementary and the district's other elementary schools.

Superintendent David Weiss told News 12 that there are five total proposals being discussed. One of the proposals includes repurposing East Elementary as an administration building, without any change in grades at the other three elementary schools. Another plan includes reconfiguring Lido, East and West schools to serve pre-K through second-grade students. A third proposal would repurpose East as an administration building, while reconfiguring Lido and West as primary schools serving pre-K through second grade.

Weiss says no decisions have been made and leaving the buildings as they are now is also on the table. He says the goal is to cut costs and increase efficiencies.

The Superintendent will be holding a special forum next Tuesday night to discuss the options for the school.