Long Beach officials: Power restored throughout city

Long Beach officials say power has been restored throughout the city.
It had been hit with a citywide power outage Tuesday.
A city Facebook post said the outage included traffic lights, and advised drivers to avoid unnecessary travel while PSEG worked to address the issue.
PSEG Long Island's outage map showed over 20,000 customers were affected at one point by outages in and around Long Beach.
The city of Long Island says that PSEG had reported an issue with power lines connecting the Barrier Island to the main grid.
As soon as the light went out, first responders from Long Beach and surrounding communities sprang into action.
Police officers directed vehicles through intersections with dark traffic signals.
Emergency crews checked on senior citizens at assisted living facilities.
City officials say there were no major incidents during the blackout. One person had to be transported to the hospital, and there was one fender bender on the roads.