LIRR app helps riders see how busy train cars are before boarding

The Long Island Rail Road has a new tool to keep commuters safe as they head back to work.
The enhanced LIRR TrainTime app was unveiled Tuesday at Jamaica Station.
With a combination of weight and other sensors on the train, the app can estimate how full a car is and even recommend empty ones.
Seeing green in a train car means it is empty, while yellow, orange and red show how full the car is.
The app also has real-time location data and tells riders where to stand on a platform to board certain cars.
The new technology was a couple years in the making, but it is crucial now to help people keep their social distance in train cars amid the pandemic.
Gerard Bringmann, from the LIRR Commuter Council, says he likes the app since it shows where trains are in real time and send alerts on track notifications, so riders don't bunch up on platforms or on the mezzanine at Penn Station.
The MTA says 90% of its fleet will have this new technology.
Commuters who don't have the app can instead use signs posted on many platforms that display the real-time seating capacity on arriving trains.
The free app is available now for iOS and Android devices.