Lawmakers push for LIPA to dump PSEG and become public power company

Lawmakers are calling for the state and LIPA to oust PSEG and pave the way for LIPA to become a true public power company.
News 12 obtained a copy of the letter that lawmakers sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday. It says in part, "Poor service, a lack of reliability in inclement weather and a disdain for the concerns of the public have proven intolerable."
PSEG was blasted for its performance during and after Tropical Storm Isaias back in August.
State Sen. James Gaughran says he agrees with the lawmakers' letter calling on the ouster of PSEG making LIPA a true public power company. He didn't sign the letter, however, because he thinks more needs to be done. Gaughran says it's clear that as a New Jersey company, Long Island is not PSEG's priority.
"We also need to make sure that we are totally reforming LIPA, the management and making sure that whatever we replace the system with is something that's going to be transparent - accountability - reduce costs and not have this situation where people are out of power for 7-8-9 days."
Hauppauge resident Eric Battaglia says he's been a homeowner for 20 years. "I've never lost so much power in my life. I'm always pulling the generator out of the shed."
A LIPA spokesperson said in a statement, "We are carefully considering future actions and will take into account the feedback of the state Executive and Legislative branches, regulatory agencies, stakeholders, and most importantly LIPA customers to ensure the best path forward for the Long Island community."
PSEG meantime says, "We maintain that a public-private partnership is the best option for Long Island customers and are actively working to regain their trust and confidence."