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Lawmaker calls for change at dangerous Levittown intersection

<p>Drivers and pedestrians say the intersection of Wantagh Avenue and North Jerusalem Road is dangerous.<br />&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Aug 8, 2018, 7:40 PM

Updated 2,113 days ago


A Nassau County legislator is calling for change at a Levittown intersection he says has been the site of numerous accidents.
Legislator John Ferretti says there have been a number of crashes at Wantagh Avenue and North Jerusalem Road near MacArthur High School. He says the problem is the left turning lane that goes from Wantagh Avenue onto North Jerusalem when heading northbound on Wantagh Avenue. Ferretti says he wants the Department of Public Works to make the left turning lane a green left turning arrow lane only.
"I think it's very dangerous and I think the fact that you have the school here and it's very active," says Elyse Land, of Wantagh. "People speed on Wantagh Avenue. No one adheres to the 30 mph speed limit."
Land also says it's a very hard intersection to cross. She says your life is in jeopardy no matter what direction you are trying to cross.
According to Nassau County, there were 34 crashes at the intersection in 2015 and 25 crashes in 2016. There were 39 accidents last year.
Ferretti is also asking for a traffic study to be conducted to see if there are any other safety changes that can be made.

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