Large-scale COVID-19 antibody testing begins across New York

New antibody testing began Monday of samples taken from thousands of people across the state. Officials say the results could help determine when the state economy will reopen.
Northwell Health's research lab is one of the labs that will be working with the antibody test to determine exactly what percentage of the population has had the coronavirus and is immune to it now. Their New Hyde Park lab is readying 20 new antibody machines as the hospital prepares to test its front-line employees first.
News 12 has been told about 200 employees who tested positive for the virus have now been tested to see if they have the antibodies.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo took a tour of the lab on Sunday and explained that this is an aggressive move the state is taking to help provide a snapshot of what they are dealing with in terms of how many people have been affected.
A total of 3,000 tests will be performed over the next week. The tests will provide guidance on how best to reopen the economy and get people back to work.
"Now that we have the approved test, we're going to be rolling it out to do the largest survey of any state population that has been done," says Gov. Cuomo.
Testing will be done at random and Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says people will be asked at local supermarkets to participate.